Full Lawn & Yard Maintenance

We offer full service lawn maintenance including power raking, aeration, fertilization, over-seeding, power and hand edging of sidewalks and garden beds, lawn cutting and trimming and rotor-tilling

Basic cuts and trims START at $40.00 and varies based on the size of the yard.

Basic spring/fall cleanups START @ $135.00 and vary depending on the size of yard & amount of debris.

All other services are priced on a case by case basis.

Please CLICK HERE to book lawn maintenance.

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Window Washing

We use the finest of materials and meticulously clean your windows, screens, frames and tracks. You won’t believe it’s the same set of windows you started with!

Prices are on average $4.00 per pane. Extremely dirty, painted on, or windows in construction sites may be subject to additional fees. We are happy to offer a detailed quote. CLICK HERE to book or request a quote.

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Eavestrough Cleaning

Why risk getting on your roof when we can do it for you? We remove all debris from your gutters and drains. We take photos and even videos of all work, so you’re 100% guaranteed that everything is clean and working properly. We do a full perimeter clean up to ensure your property is as clean, if not cleaner, than when we arrived.

Gutter cleaning prices start at $80.00 for a single story home, and generally range from $100-$250 for anything larger, or higher. Extremely unkept gutters, or very steep roofs may be subject to additional charges.  It is best to have your eavestroughs cleaned at minimum once every two years to avoid excess build up and potential damage to property from issues such as flooding basements to wood rot.

CLICK HERE for a quote or to book eavestrough cleaning.

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 Pressure Washing

We offer cleaning of siding, decks, sidewalks, driveways and more. We offer both wand washing as well as rotary brush washing (you won’t believe the difference a rotary brush makes on a driveway or deck).

Driveways and decks start @ $90.00 and are based on size.  Siding starts at $160.00 and depends on size. For sidewalks or all other surfaces don’t hesitate to CONTACT US for a custom quote. CLICK HERE to book pressure washing.

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Small To Medium Tree Trimming & Removal

We cut, trim and remove small to medium trees and hedges. All debris is removed unless you would like some left for firewood. CONTACT US for a custom quote. CLICK HERE to book tree care. Please note we do not remove very large trees such as adult evergreens.

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Snow Removal & Plowing

We offer monthly maintenance and per snowfall snow removal & plowing. We’re experienced in residential/condominium and commercial clearing.

Prices START at $120/month and vary based on the size of the lot/cement to be cleared. Per snowfall clearing STARTS at $20.00 and varies based on the amount to be cleared. Lots that have been neglected for a long period of time may be subject to additional fees.

CLICK HERE to book for the upcoming season!

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